What is the true mojo of the owner of an independent company or practice? What prompted them to start their business, and how has their ambition/sense of direction/motivation changed and why?

Have they considered their life requirement (what they want to experience and achieve)? Are there changes they would like to make, and what is, or would be the catalyst?

And what are the qualities which set their business apart from larger competitors?

For a report being researched and written by DECISION magazine, commissioned by Ward Goodman, owner-managers share their thoughts.


Leading up to publication, the latest thought-provoking interview to be included in the report will be available here for you to download. 

Interview with Darren Frias-Robles | Managing Director, Whitefox

A HOTEL GETS planning permission to build a twenty-bedroom extension.   But it’s on a small site surrounded on all sides by other buildings, with the only access through a narrow archway. Space is so tight that there’s little room to dig the foundations.   The neighbours, who originally objected to the application aren’t disposed […]

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