Valuation Services

We provide valuation services, valuing businesses and unquoted company shares.

Why is a valuation necessary?

There can be many reasons for needing a valuation of a business or shares in an unquoted company and these include:

  • To help when buying or selling a business or company
  • To help in the raising of equity
  • To help when creating an internal market for shares
  • To motivate management with movements in value
  • To help in disputes between shareholders/partners under shareholders or other agreements
  • For fiscal purposes, such as:
    • Gifts or sales of shares, for example in a family succession
    • A purchase of own shares by a company
    • Group reorganisations
Valuation services

What are the costs?

We can provide a quote for a valuation report which will be based on our understanding of the degree of skill involved, the time required to be spent on the assignment and the degree of risk and responsibility which the work entails.
Where negotiations are required with HMRC it may not be possible to determine a fixed fee in advance. However, a reasonable estimate will be given before commencing work and we can advise on fees to date at any time.

What do we do?

  • We review your accounts over a number of years, where these are available
  • We look at the business and the market place and compare with published market data
  • We establish an appropriate valuation method(s)
  • We prepare a report supporting our valuation
  • We discuss this with the relevant parties
  • We can negotiate the valuation with HM Revenue & Custom if required

Have any questions?

Contact your local office and a member of our team will be able to assist you with your query.

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