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As a corporate business you will have a board of Directors who are either running the business and or have a management team responsible for the day to day development of the business as well as the compliance issues that come with running a company.

You may have internal finance people who provide management information to run your business as well as a team of people who control it with you or you have outsourced this work, or you don’t have anyone to help you. You are likely to have used or are using the wealth of services offered by professional advisers, including tax planning and business advisory services.

Challenges that corporate businesses face are typically two fold; how to grow even further or how to plan for an exit. If growth is part of the plan, then how will this materialise – organic growth, new products or services, mergers or acquisitions.

If an exit is your desired path then have you thought about your potential purchasers?

  • Who would they be – are they inside your business already?
  • Does your business fit their needs now?
  • Do you have competent management team to remain in the business?
  • Do you need to improve a certain area of your business to become more attractive (customers in a certain sector for example)?

Whether its purely a change in advisers for your compliance work, whether you feel that your business could do with a fresh pair of eyes, or whether you would like some assistance with growth or an exit from your business, Ward Goodman can help.

We work with a number of established businesses on both compliance matters, providing effective management information and growth/exit strategy planning. If this sounds like your business and you feel that you would benefit from an impartial review please give us a call and one of our experts will be please to help you.


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